January 20, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say

This morning, I took my DD (Dear Daughter) for her yearly check-up. She was extremely excited to see the doctor (not knowing she would soon have shots coming her way).

We get called back, the nurse checks her weight, height, and BP. We get into the actual room where the nurse checks her sight and hearing (which was perfect by the way). She instructs me to have my DD undress to put on the cutest child sized gown I've ever seen!

As the nurse walks out, she sticks her hand underneath an automatic Hand Sanitizer dispenser and shuts the door. My DD looks curiously, says nothing, and continues to help me undress her. 5 minutes or so pass, and she says to me, "Mami, I need some hanitizer." I'm thinking to myself, "What in the world is she talking about?" I then try to investigate what she is trying to ask me for. After about a 1 minute back and forth question and answer game, she points to the dispenser.....HANITIZER!

What are some funny things your children have done or said?


Heather said...

That's hilarious. Our daughter says the same exact word when she wants to use Hand Sanitizer! And she will be 4 in May. Too funny & cute!

Something that our daughter has said when we are having LASAGNA for dinner is "VA-SIG-NA". *GASP*
Now I KNOW she has never heard the female anatomy discussed in this household and I certainly hope it hasn't been shared at Preschool. I'm sure you can imagine everyone's silence while eating New Year's dinner with my MIL & SIL hearing this come from her mouth. I couldn't help but stop dead in my tracks and asked " "I" what did you say honey"? And she repeated it. Where on earth she gets the "V" from the "L" in Lasagna is beyond me.

Kids DO say the darnest things! =)

Thanks for letting me share.
Heather in Maryland

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing :) That's HILARIOUS! I would have died if my DD had said something like that. Those are the stories to remember and to tell her when she gets older.