February 23, 2011

Lies and Truths About Your Child

When I became pregnant with my DD, Ashley, I signed up with Baby Center to track my pregnancy. Even now that she's 4, I get daily and weekly newsletters with articles, tips, deals, and coupons. There are groups that you can join (I'm in the December 2006 group) to chat with other parents who may be having the same issues you may be going through so that you can get some advice or so that you don't think you're going crazy!

Here are a list of questions that you may be having or may have had in the past.....truth or myth?

Do dairy products make a sick child produce more mucus?
Do colds and flu more contagious before symptoms appear?
Can a high fever cause brain damage?
Can rubbing alcohol help bring down a child's fever?
Are children better off getting the chicken pox than the vaccine?
Can a vaccine cause the disease it was meant to protect against?
Can sucking on a pacifier or thumb ruin a child's teeth or bite?
Can kids catch fleas from a family pet?
Is it true that children shouldn't swim right after eating?
Is it dangerous to wake a sleepwalking child?
Can bubble baths cause urinary tract infections in children?
Is it true that children shouldn't get vaccinations if they're sick?
Do kids in daycare get sick more often than kids who stay at home?
Can caffeine stunt a child's growth?
Can sugar make kids hyperactive?

Thanks, babycenter!

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